In celebration of 4 million subscribers, here is some old unseen footage of me as a little girl VLOGGING! How did I even know what vlogging was? BAMBOOZLED. Thumbs up if you enjoyed it! Where…
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19 Responses to Vlogging At 11 Years Old | Zoella

  • James McCreery says:

    I know that youtube has basically become the house of negativity but think
    for a moment… Rather than commenting about wearing makeup at a certain
    age look at the end product. Clearly Zoe has become a successful,
    intelligent young lady/woman so where is the merit in questioning decisions
    in upbringing? People have grown so accustomed to these people (and they
    are normal people) letting us into their lives that some forget the courage
    it takes to post a video of them being a silly child. Rather than focus on
    the minutia, focus on how impressive it is to see this woman basically
    practicing her future career at age 11… if that doesn’t excite you folks
    then I fear you’ve lost a great deal of your positivity. Kudos Zoe and keep
    up the good work… (PS… I’m glad you’ve figured out the camera angles
    since 11) Cheers everyone.

  • Phoebee Ruth says:

    Everyones moaning about her wearing “make-up” at 11..can we just point out
    she took clear lipgloss, glitter and bloody body glitter, not all 3 naked
    palletes 5 foundations and 15 lipsticks. CALM DOWN

  • Samantha Neal says:

    it made me smile when you talked about Alex because you guys are still
    friends and I want that with my friends x

  • IcklePickle says:

    I’m 11 and I don’t wear any make up.I’m not hating on Zoe or anything I’m
    just sharing my opinion and all these girls the same age as me saying oh i
    wear this and that and walking around with 3 pounds of makeup smudged all
    over their face……stop it it hurts my brain.Why are you wearing that?
    and i know you will just say “Oh it’s a hobby” or “I just like to
    experiment”.Please stop with the excuses you probably wear it because you
    don’t have two brain cells to rub together and the makeup just distracts
    people from your stupidity…I just wanted to get that out soooo yeah oh
    and i love Zoe.

  • Pete McAuliffe says:

    makeup at eleven???? i don’t understand that logic.

  • Emily Minecraft says:

    I’m 11 and I wear makeup. And I mean like concealer (sometimes foundation),
    powder, bronzer, eyeshadow, liquid eyeliner, mascara. Not any lip stuff bc
    I don’t like it :3 Some people may say it’s not right, but it’s a hobby.
    You can’t just stop a hobby. And anyway, if they want to wear it, let them!
    At least they aren’t wearing shorts up their ass and acting slutty :P

  • megaLOLxDlol says:

    Wish I had your British accent 🙁 

  • grecia martinez says:

    I’m 11 and I act more mature for my age. But I don’t wear makeup and don’t
    have a phone and don’t wear crop tops and short shorts for I am very
    conscious of what I am wearing. Seeing all of these comments of these girls
    of my age makes me cringe

  • Legit Alpaca says:

    All these people complaining about her wearing makeup, i saw a 5 month year
    old baby getting its ears pierced in clairs at clydebank, im slowly loosing
    faith in the people of scotland.

  • IHeartvideo says:

    People who are like “OMG she’s wearing make up”

    STFU and watch Toddlers And Tiaras XD

  • Ashley Thomas says:

    Well it is true make up is bad for your skin if used at a very young age
    but it’s her choice I mean complaining isn’t ghanging anything so ya. I’m
    13 years old the only make up I have is face wash if that’s even a make up

  • Rosie Carlisle says:

    I had this really nice strawberry cheesecake… but I didn’t really like
    it. O_o

  • alexxamore says:

    Anybody who is just starting a YouTube Channel, PLEASE stop by & check mine
    out & I’ll do the same in return! let’s support one another 🙂 xoxo

    P.S. love you Zoella! xo

  • Tegan Parker says:

    I had a bra at 9 and I wore makeup at 10, what’s the big deal stop hating
    on her, she’s showing us something and most of u are being dicks about at
    least have some respect 

  • Joanna Andreou says:

    why she talk with British accent it sucks

  • Unicorn says:

    I’m 12 and in 7 days it’s my 13th birthday so I will officially be a
    teenager, I only wear makeup away from school but if I do wear it to school
    I only wear mascara and lip-balm. Although I am saying this I am NOT trying
    to offend you Zoe and, in fact, I love you SO much! Your videos make me
    smile and whenever I have the chance I always watch your videos! Ps I love
    guinea pigs too and I have two that look very similar to yours! Also, my
    little brother is called Alfie! If you ever have the chance to read this I
    would be so happy, thank you!

  • Adeline Park says:

    I could wear make up but I mess it up so I don’t xD

  • rb ford says:

    Y pp b mad. “Gosh darnjt whys she wearing makeup at 11 thats so shocking
    like what I cant even its so pretentious yeezus” NO. if yoU step back a
    little and before hitting comment think about what youre saying deliberate
    on whether this comment will give yourself joy or anyone else. Double check
    and decide wether your complaint is more important than the actual video or
    if it has any relevance or c8ntribution to the point this video is trying
    to make. Before you hate on an 11 year old girl about wearing makeup or a
    24(?) Year old woman for doing something in her childhood that she cant
    change, think. Because honestly, its not the end of the world and even if
    you think iits just a small complaint I feel as though Zoe will be a lot
    happier if people are more considerate

  • Alexandra Gomes says:

    Why is everyone saying “Oh my god you where 11 and you wore makeup!” Look
    at modern 11 year olds, they have iPhone 5s’ and about 2 pounds of make up
    and boyfriends and tiny shorts and shirts that are way too inappropriate!
    Calm down!


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