Everybody is talking about blogging. What is it all about? It’s like having some sort of diary or journal online. You tell the world about anything you want to talk about. It might be an article, opinions, a short video or perhaps promoting your products.

The great thing about blogs is that you are adding fresh content on a regular basis which Google loves. This is good because traffic to your blog is your lifeblood to be successful on-line.

There are two blogging platforms to choose from, WordPress and Blogger. So, which one is best?

• Blogger – The great thing here is that it is simple to set up, just follow the prompts. This is perfect for someone brand new. It is hosted by Google themselves and is free to set up.

The only problem is that you are not in control. Blogger can shut your blog down, so all that work you’ve done to create your blog has been lost forever! So in a nutshell the content is not yours.

• WordPress – This is not free, you will need a hosting account. Beginners have been known to have trouble setting up a WordPress blog with the confusion of plug-ins and widgets. A possible solution could be to outsource it which is fairly cheap to do.

With this type of blog there is no chance of you losing all your content. You are in control. The blog is hosted on your server and there is no fear of losing anything.

• Conclusion – If you are planning to be serious in your business, WordPress would be the one to go for. Remember if you want more control this is the option to take. However if you are a complete beginner you may decide to start on Blogger.

So there you have it two platforms. You can either choose the nice and easy, no complications or more control. The choice is yours.

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WordPress can be a Content Management System (CMS) wish is considered an open source. It’s predominantly a blog publishing application and it is powered by MySQL and PHP. It has an abundant amount of features such as a template system and a plug-in architecture. WordPress is referred to as one of the most well-liked CMS in use today. Custom themes and plug-ins are common choices with lots of internet hosting firms that supply WordPress services.

Typically, WordPress is installed employing a script installer, for example Fantastico, which can install a significant quantity of scripts ranging from content management systems to bulletin boards. Internet hosting services, including Hostgator, install WordPress employing Fantastico or one more script installer. Normally they give the latest MySQL Apache with the mod_rewrite mode and PHP.

WordPress works by using a web template system that uses a template processor. Those that use WordPress can re-arrange widgets without editing HTML or PHP codes. It also features integrated link management along with a clean permalink structure. Too as support for tagging of posts and articles, along with the ability to assign several, nested categories to articles. Automatic filters are also readily available which gives standardized styling and formatting of text in articles. It also supports Pingback and Trackback standards for displaying links to other sites. It has a plug-in architecture which enables developers and users to extend functionality beyond the base install.

Some men and women say that WordPress has turn into too large to make use of as a uncomplicated blogging platform anymore because the learning curve is vertical. Also, some think that WordPress doesnt work out of the box. On the other hand, WordPress is available to be easily used as a customizable, self-hosted choice. Other people enjoy that the service and support with WordPress is unparalleled.

WordPress can be a blog publishing application that meshes functionality and beauty. It has an effortless template system that utilizes plug-in architecture. Internet hosting services sometimes give coupons to try their WordPress services, such as a hostgator coupon.

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