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If you’re getting ready to build  a website, business blogging may not be the first thing on your mind.  You’re probably thinking the purpose of a website is to introduce customers to your products and services, provide some contact information, and maybe links to purchase your items online.  While business websites are great for these purposes, business blogging can assist  you to make a great impression, familiarize others with your products, and keep your website high on search results.  You can also easily put together a business blogging campaign with a social media campaign for even better results.

Why start a business blog?  A top business blog can show industry leaders and potential customers to your products and services, while keeping others up to date with your advancements.  It gives you an opportunity to share your expertise with others, which in turn helps your small business to cultivate a knowledgeable and up-to-date reputation.  When other perceive competence in your work and see that you are dedicated to staying on top of developments in your industry, they are much more likely to purchase your products or services or to help you in other ways.

A small business blog can help you to network with others directly as well; by allowing others to comment publicly on your posts, you open up a dialogue in which anyone can participate.  This shows others that you are present—not just present and updating your blog regularly—but also present to interact personally with them.  Interacting with others on your blog gives you an opportunity to showcase how you deal with others—this can help customers and potential customers perceive your company as one which provides excellent customer service.

What’s an easy way to start a website which includes a blog?  One of the best choices is to go with WordPress.  WordPress is a web content management system—that means that WordPress does all the hard work of coding for you, allowing you to focus on customizing your website and running your business.  A lot of people think that WordPress is only for blogging, but they’re wrong—using a WordPress Tutorial from Scholastech Institute, you can quickly design a new website which encompasses not just a business blog, but all of your needs.

The great thing about WordPress is that it is designed specifically for blogging—so while it can support the development of your entire business website; it’s very easy to use for business blogging.  Blogging provides useful SEO value for a website since it shows search engines that you’re creating regular fresh content.  Other benefits of using WordPress include W3C compliance, easy installation, compatibility with most hosts, thousands of themes, and an abundance of plugins and extensions which you can use to customize your professional website!

Ready to get started with WordPress and build your business website, but not sure where to begin?  The WordPress Tutorial by Scholastech can help you get your website up and running right away, and then you can start blogging for your business!

Jesse Funk is a freelance educator. De-mystifying various parts of the world through research and subsequent teaching moments for those who ask.

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All you need to do is find an interesting story every week and people will flock to read about your company. Writing a blog for your business is just the same as writing the company newsletter, right?

While starting a business blog isn’t very hard, promoting it, getting readers and using it to direct traffic to your company website can be a whole new challenge. Below are five tips for creating a successful business blog.

1. HUMAN CONNECTION: It is important for your blog to have a human voice and personality to it. Although it is a business blog readers will connect with the personality of the author and authors writing the posts. If you look at any of the great business or technology blogs an author or authors are easily identified so that readers can make a personal connection with their stories within the company.

2. LINK, LINK, LINK: Linking shows you understand your industry and the issues which impact your business. When you reference other organizations you should link to them as a form of good will. It helps their Google ranking, and when you get reciprocal links that will in turn help your ranking. By linking it helps to demonstrate your knowledge and helps to build audience confidence in your opinions. It is also more interesting for readers. If your business is linking to other informative and entertaining and relevant things then you will keep audiences entertained and returning.

3. USE CURRENT AFFAIRS: Blogs do not exist in a universal vacuum. People who read blogs read other things to. It is good to place your company and your blog posts in the real world but writing about issues that effect the company and its customers. You can also appeal to a wider audience by  It is good to write

4. COMENT AND ENCOURAGE COMMENTING: blogging is an ongoing conversation between the writer and readers. The best blogs are able to engage readers and inspire them to add to the conversation by commenting. This can be done in two ways. Constructive and thoughtful commenting on other industry related blogs can draw readers and authors through link backs. Asking readers questions or for feedback on certain topics can also be a good way to generate commenting.

5. KEEP IT REGULAR AND INTERESTING:  Keeping it regular and fresh is important. Blogs are about relationships, all relationships need nurturing. The more attention you give your readers the more connected they will be to your business. A business blog should be updated at least once a week, twice a week would be even better. Coming up with new content twice a week can be a challenge. One tip would be to make notes of the issues over the week which catch your attention in relation to your business, for example: news items, community issues, company or employee milestones.

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