Everybody is talking about blogging. What is it all about? It’s like having some sort of diary or journal online. You tell the world about anything you want to talk about. It might be an article, opinions, a short video or perhaps promoting your products.

The great thing about blogs is that you are adding fresh content on a regular basis which Google loves. This is good because traffic to your blog is your lifeblood to be successful on-line.

There are two blogging platforms to choose from, WordPress and Blogger. So, which one is best?

• Blogger – The great thing here is that it is simple to set up, just follow the prompts. This is perfect for someone brand new. It is hosted by Google themselves and is free to set up.

The only problem is that you are not in control. Blogger can shut your blog down, so all that work you’ve done to create your blog has been lost forever! So in a nutshell the content is not yours.

• WordPress – This is not free, you will need a hosting account. Beginners have been known to have trouble setting up a WordPress blog with the confusion of plug-ins and widgets. A possible solution could be to outsource it which is fairly cheap to do.

With this type of blog there is no chance of you losing all your content. You are in control. The blog is hosted on your server and there is no fear of losing anything.

• Conclusion – If you are planning to be serious in your business, WordPress would be the one to go for. Remember if you want more control this is the option to take. However if you are a complete beginner you may decide to start on Blogger.

So there you have it two platforms. You can either choose the nice and easy, no complications or more control. The choice is yours.

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As a change from the usual “make money” articles, I thought I would write about the importance of blogs, not as a moneymaking tool, but as a news source and how that has totally changed the way we get our news.

Perhaps one of the hottest innovations in the Internet world in recent years is publishing news stories as they happen through blogs. But what is a Blogger? Bloggers tend to be very active in updating their own blogs immediately, very often making the news on blogs more up-to-date than many newspapers and TV channels. Unlike much of the news that is published by other media, private blogs do not need to bypass the scrutinizing eyes of editors and publishers before they can be read by the public, even on some of the best blogging sites. In general, blogging news stories as they happen has some benefits as well as a number of drawbacks.

Many people will remember one famous news story that hit the blogs before it reached other more mainstream media outlets. In July 2005 when a terror attack occurred in London, and the passengers were moving out of the subway close to the area where the explosion happened, a man captured some photos of the scene on his mobile phone. The images were spread online and many people worldwide learned about the incident by reading the personalized articles with the pictures posted by bloggers, scooping many of the big media and news companies in the process.

The fact that ordinary people rather than reporters are now distributing stories and images directly to the public is generally a good thing because it can often get the news out there quicker. News in blogs is also usually written in first-person perspective, this has potentially launched a new age of reporting by influencing how the news ends up in the hands of the community. This way of writing is known as New Journalism.

A lot of bloggers and educational commentators who are experts in their field favor the rising trend of blogging current news stories for the reason that hopefully more democratic news reporting can be achieved. By disseminating the control of the old news outlets, blogs permit more points of view to be heard, rather than the sanitized and controlled version of the news the public has been getting in recent years.

On the flip side many people are also against the use of blogs as a channel for news. They say that unlike newspapers and TV stations who employ people to verify the information related to the news, there are only a few blogs who can afford editors and fact-checkers, so many of them do not pay much attention to the journalistic accountability aspect of their articles. This leaves us with the possibility that this careless process of posting unverified news will spread rapidly and many people will be misinformed.

The debate on the ethical issues of blogging news as it occurs is a complex one, but regardless of where you stand, you can certainly agree that this progress has started to reform the way that people are getting their news. Just try and find an online newspaper that has not got many blogs on it these days!

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