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Since there are so many different blogging services to choose from, it may be a little bit difficult for you to choose the most suitable one for your blog. It is suggested that you should take some factors into consideration when selecting a blog service.

Probably the most important thing to do when starting the process of choosing a blog platform is to consider your aspirations for your blog. If you are brand new to blogging then you might not have thought this through entirely. But to the best of your ability attempt to answer some of these questions: what will the main purpose of your blog be? Is your blogging more of a hobby or does it have some professional purpose and are you considering putting ads on your blog?  If you are going to blog for personal reasons, then most blog platforms will easily suit your needs. On the contrary, if you are an aspiring Blogging Pro you will need a blog platform that allows you to not only easily insert ads but also enables you to heavily manipulate the theme.

Then, you should take your budget into consideration. Cost is always a factor in blogging and aside from time you should wisely spend as little as possible when starting a blog, especially if you desire to become a Blogging Pro. As with most things in life, blog platforms come with a variety of price points ranging from free through to more expensive options. whether you choose to go with an entirely free blogging platform or if you want to control your own content. Your decision may depend largely on your budget. Besides, there are many other costs you are likely to factor in at an early stage. It is true that most platforms come with free templates but if you want a more individual look you may need to hire someone with professional design skills to do the job. In that case, you have to pay for some extra money.

If you have never had any experience of creating a blog or website before, you will want to go with a user friendly platform.  If you are willing to put in a little time and effort, there are a few things you can learn that will be very beneficial.  The other option of course is to find someone who is a techie to help you out.

Above all, you may have to consider about your goal of starting a blog, you budget as well as some possible costs for your blog design and your own technological ability.

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Creating a company blog has become a necessity for any company interested in communicating with its customer base, inform them of its product or services update and most importantly to listen to them with the help of blog comments.


Two top quality blog sites are WordPress and Blogger both provide many features and are highly trafficked. WordPress and Blogger are both premium blogging sites that have several features such as a built-in RSS Feed, Marketing Tools, Sidebar Widgets, and Multi-User Login.


RSS is an abbreviation, which stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary.  Proper usage of an RSS feed is another way of building back links, which in turn helps to build faster indexing, reach more potential customers, and enable them to subscribe to company blog. 


Back links are hyperlinks that take an internet user directly to another page on a website.  The more people subscribe to your blog the more valued the website is for Google.  Back links can be used to take customers from the company’s blog to the company’s main page as well as other pages such as a company’s store page.  Back linking can also allow the blog writer to appear more knowledgeable on topics they may or may not know anything about.  In addition, using back links can help readers of the blog find references quicker than going to find the information on a search engine. 


Indexing is a built-in application used by most search engines, such as Google, for storing data to be used for searching and this is referred to as a query.  This query within an index helps internet users find their searches faster.  Indexes can handle simple queries, in addition to allowing all entities given to be filtered, and then sorted in orders on a single property, and equality filters on any number of properties.


The Marketing Tools on a blogging platform can be used to generate additional income.  Depending on the blogger platforms, these tools will vary.  Some blogging platforms allow users to use Google, Adsense, Amazon Associates, etc.


Sidebar Widgets also called Sidebar Gadgets are also a Marketing Tool that allows companies to add already built tool to their blogs to personalize them without knowing HTML.  Social Media sites such as Facebook, Myspace and Twitter also have Widgets available allowing companies to merge more of their marketing platforms together for a more rounded multi-level marketing scheme, which can create additional revenues and web traffic.

Multi-User login means several different company employees or contract workers can log in to the company’s blog and make entries.

Blogging platforms allow companies to track their audience (visitors) by displaying IP addresses, countries of origin; web browsers used and web traffic hits, etc.  Knowing this information can help companies tailor their websites content toincrease their web traffic.  For instance, knowing which web browsers are more commonly used on a company’s page, allows the company’s employees working on the page to know exactly what needs to be changed to allow these web browsers to show all content on each company page. 

Using Back links, RSS Feeds, and all Marketing Tools that apply to a blog will increase a company’s reputation as an online source on any topic and business.  A solid reputation on the net means higher ratings on search engines and higher which lead to increased web traffic and ultimately increased revenues and profits.

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